When it comes to our gym staff, we hire only the best because we want to be able to give our members what they need and more from their local gym. Our trainers and staff members are passionate about helping our members to achieve their fitness goals, motivating them every step of the way so that they can achieve whatever it is they have come into our gym to do. Meet our staff below!


Andrew Lawton



Andrew is a 12 year Army Veteran with 2 tours to Iraq and Afghanistan both as a Military Police Officer and a Forward Observer with the Infantry, to include 2 years with the US Army Honor Guard. He also has over 16+ years of fitness experience that ranges from the lowest level job to the highest, his ability to motivate and produce has allowed him to help others reach their dreams and better themselves. He is a beloved father of 3 children, 2 dogs, 4 cats and an amazing wife who also has experience in the health/medical industry. On his off time, he likes to spend time with his family going hiking, playing football and on other occasions stay in and play a variety of video games.

Andrew’s motto “All of our lives have a beginning and an end. No one can change that. Take this time to leave a lasting impression.”

Cody Savoy

Assistant General Manager 

Cody is in the National Guard and has served seven years, including a tour in Sinai, Egypt as an infantryman. He has 2 dogs and lives by himself. He enjoys hiking, camping, beach days with his pups, and changing people’s lives for the better. He’s a product of his own environment.

Cody’s motto “To be able to look in the mirror each day knowing you gave it your all will always be the greatest feeling because there is no lying to the person staring back at you.”

Wendy Boutin

Group Fitness Director and Instructor

AFAA Primary GFI, Certified in Spinning, The TRIP, Zumba®, STRONG by Zumba®, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, CPR/First Aid

Wendy is a seasoned group fitness instructor, who has taught a variety of classes for the last fifteen years. She previously developed and tested software for a large insurance company and taught classes at their wellness facility as a hobby. That hobby grew into a passion. That passion turned into a way of life and she hasn’t looked back. Today, she is able to share her years of passion, knowledge, and experience by leading trendy, as well as traditional style class formats for members, while also mentoring less experienced instructors. By nature, she is always excited to try new things and, by profession, you’ll often find her looking for new ways to develop her teaching skills. Her current hobbies include anything outdoors, adventurous, and self-propelled. She loves biking, golfing, disc golfing, hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and romping her two dogs, Brady and Brooklyn, in the woods.

Wendy’s motto “Get comfortable with uncomfortable and try new things.”

Alex Carroll

Account Manager

Alex grew up in nearby Sturbridge, Massachusetts and has been in the fitness industry for more than 13 years in Utah, Florida, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He served in the United States Air Force after graduating from Tantasqua Regional High School where he was a four year varsity letterman in football and track. Alex believes that anyone can truly do anything they set their mind to if they are willing to put in the time and effort.

John Latour

Club Manager

John is a 6 year Army veteran with 1 tour to Sinai Egypt, as an Infantryman. He has 3 years of experience in the fitness industry both as a HIIT instructor and currently as a sales representative. He spent over 8 years both as a competitive track and field athlete and volunteering as a coach at speed camps. He values honesty and integrity and hopes to bring his beliefs into the fitness industry. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and playing video games recreationally.

Erin Wallace

Playmor Manager

Erin is a current Worcester State undergraduate student, majoring in Early Education and Psychology. She comes from a military family where her father spent 28 years in the Air Force. His military duties allowed her to live in Germany where she learned to fluently speak German. She is an an enormous animal lover and has a rescue pet. In her free time, she loves to read fiction best sellers and eat Sushi. During the winter she skis every weekend. She views Playmor as a great place for her and the kids to express creativity and she loves nothing more than to see a child have fun with their creativity. Her goal in Playmor is to ensure safety, but also have tons of fun with the children. She can’t wait to see you in Playmor!

Matthew Phaneuf

Personal Training Manager

Action CPT and Advanced Nutrition

I am an Air Force veteran of 7 years where I spent most years as a security forces officer and finished my last years as an instructor for the Delayed Entry Program. I love the fitness world and everything about it. I’ve been studying fitness and training with friends since I was in high school. I have my biggest supporter always by my side who is studying medicine in school so we are always studying and learning all we can together. We are always looking for new adventures and challenges to take on including hiking and climbing anything we can. In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports with friends and family or swimming and spending time with my dog.

Matthew’s motto: “No matter how many steps something is going to take in life  it’s the first step that matters the most.”

Front Desk

Mike Miller

Front Desk

Michael Miller lives his life committed to his family and health and fitness. His professional career as a Facilities Engineer in the Biotech Industry was cut short in 2012 when he was dealt a major setback in the shape of a spinal cord injury which rendered the left side of his body incapacitated. Rather than concede to this condition Michael started working harder than ever, tackling physical therapy and exercise with his customary ”no excuses, no surrender” approach and today is in better shape than ever and has returned to fitness competition and physical fitness as a way of life. Michael is beyond excited to bring his resilience and enthusiasm to the Impact Fitness family and to help others reach their own fitness goals.

Ethan Poovakad

Front Desk

Ethan is new to the fitness industry but is currently looking to become more actively involved. He enjoys participating in multiple sports including soccer, basketball, and wrestling. In his down time he likes to play video games, listen to music, and spend time with his friends and family.

Jake Webb

Front Desk

Jake is a 12 year US Army OIF combat veteran and a competitive bodybuilder. He has 17 years experience with weight training in the gym and is currently a sponsored athlete for JAVA SUPPS. Jake got into competitive bodybuilding while deployed to Iraq as a way to cancel all his negative energy, with something positive. Jake still uses it to this day as a way to help treat his PTSD. He hopes to one day be able to continue his passion with helping teach and inspire others on dealing with their PTSD in a positive way. He is a part of team LiVE and Veterans Count.

Jake’s motto “Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do.” – Napoleon Hill 

Alan De Los Santos

Front Desk

Alan was born and raised in Worcester MA. Graduating from UMass Lowell with a degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, he gained experience working for various law enforcement agencies including the Worcester Sheriffs office, Worcester Probation Department, and U.S Army Military Police. Alan decided he wanted to peruse a different career and made the jump to the fitness industry, working in many other clubs before joining the Impact team. He values hard work, honesty and integrity, and hopes to make an impact in others life’s while aiding them in reaching their true potential.


Beverly Keenan

Playmor Specialist

Beverly has eight years experience in childcare and is retired from Reliant Medical Group. She enjoys traveling,  reading, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren, family and friends.

Atiana Caraballo

Playmor Specialist

Atiana attends Worcester State University and is majoring in Elementary Education and Psychology.
Every day is different in Playmor, which brings her a lot of joy. She enjoys the exposure to different age groups it gives her and the various opportunities that occur each day. She also enjoys the idea of giving parents a break, so they can work out and take care of themselves. She values the relationships she gets to build with the children and finds it very rewarding.

Tyesha Parson

Playmor Specialist

Tyesha is a senior in high school and is planning to major in writing when she attends college. She enjoy working at Playmor because she enjoys giving the kids a place where they can express themselves freely away from their parents and school.

Amy Smith

Playmor Specialist

Amy has worked as an assistant in a daycare for ten years.  She planned curriculum ideas for everyday activities and the holidays. She later worked as a nanny for five years caring for two children in Auburn. Although, this environment is relatively new to her, she hopes she gets the opportunity to know each one of you and your children.

Amy’s motto: “Walking the Footsteps of a Stranger,  you will find things you never knew.” – Pocahontas

Personal Trainers

Colin Robinson

Personal Trainer / Front Desk

Colin is currently finishing my bachelors degree of communications at Worcester State University where he has also completed four years of college football. He grew up in the gym world because his father owned two gyms. He is an Action Fitness certified personal trainer and is an assistant coach for wrestling in his free time. He enjoys traveling and loves to eat cookies on my free time. He is very excited to be working with such an amazing Personal Trainer team at Impact.

Colin’s motto: “Rest at the end, not in the middle.”

Nick Gosselin

Personal Trainer


Nick is a Navy Submariner veteran who spent his military career as a Naval Nuclear Reactor operator and Lead Troubleshooter.  During his time in the military he would help train his class mates and shipmates so they would pass their physical training requirements testing. He also helped them lose weight for special events and “leave” periods.  He has since become a Certified Personal Trainer, so he can continue pursuing his passion to help people achieve their fitness goals and find their own love for fitness. He is currently studying to become a Licensed Dietitian through Precision Nutrition and to achieve a Corrective Exercise Science certification with NASM.

Derek Zahoruiko

Personal Trainer


Derek went to school at Blackstone Valley Tech and was introduced to the gym by a friend and was soon enough introducing others to fitness as well. He always finds excitement when he can make an impact on someones life, goals, and mindset. He specializes in: Muscular conditioning and size, fat loss, increasing flexibility, and muscular activation. His training preferences include bodybuilding, high repetition endurance, full body lift strength, and isolated muscle hypertrophy. Derek is looking to work with athletes for sports specific performance and physique competitions.

Derek’s motto: “It takes a certain amount of maturity to choose to focus on the true potential hidden in ones deeper self; I found mine in fitness and so can you.”

Brielle Hutchings

Personal Trainer

NSCA CPT, US Army Master Fitness Program

Brielle is an amateur bodybuilder and 10 year Army veteran with two completed tours of active service. She serves as the Master Fitness Trainer for her National Guard unit and has focused her energy into preparing for the unit’s transition to the new physical fitness test through video tutorials and in-person training. After her first tour, in 2017, she chose to pursue a career in the fitness industry on the civilian side. She completed three bodybuilding shows in 2019 and is seeking to cross classes in 2020 from Bikini to Figure in the World National Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF). Her primary goal is to give back to others who want to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle. She resides in Worcester, MA with her two toddlers and their dog. She loves participating in obstacle course races and hiking throughout the summer and fall.

Jessica Bossolt

Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

AFAA CPT, AFAA Primary GFI, Yoga, HIIT, and Indoor Cycling, CPR/AED

After many years of studying yoga and meditation Jessica became certified to teach yoga in 2005. She has been teaching Hatha yoga, prenatal/postnatal yoga, and power yoga ever since. Slowly, she expanded her certifications to general group fitness classes, cycling classes, and HIIT classes. She has a background in occupational therapy, which allows her to adapt activities to students of all levels and abilities.

Jessica’s motto: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for!”

Group Fitness Instructors

Andrea Dagostino

Group Fitness Instructor

Kickboxing and Strength Conditioning

Andrea has been working as a fitness instructor for more than fifteen years. She is very passionate about fitness and is currently studying to get her NASM Personal Training certification. Helping people achieve their goals in her number one priority.

Andrea’s motto: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Cristina DeOliveira

Group Fitness Instructor

Certified Kick It By Eliza Instructor & Marketing professional

Growing up, Cristina was a competitive gymnast, turned all-star cheerleader, and graduated with a degree in Marketing from Quinnipiac University. After establishing her professional career, she wanted to get back into the fitness world, so she became a Kick It By Eliza instructor in September 2017. Cristina has been teaching Kick It throughout central Mass, building the FEMPIRE and expanding Kick It beyond the Boston area, where most instructors reside. Kick It is more than a workout; it’s a network of diverse women (and men), dedicated to empowering each other through exercise. Cristina strives to share her love of this workout, what it stands for, and use it to inspire others to feel their best.

Cristina’s motto: “With the right amount of effort, you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to.”

Patti Desto

Group Fitness Instructor

Certified AFAA Primary GFI, SilverSneakers®, and BOOM®

Patti has been teaching exercise classes for many years. Although, she still teaches Step and Muscle/Cardio classes, she has been teaching Senior Fitness for 4 years and just loves it. She loves their enthusiasm and willingness to try new things, but the most rewarding part is that they notice results almost immediately.
Patti is married, has 3 grown children, 7 grandchildren and 3 wonderful little dogs, Henry, Dorothy and Lizzie Lu, all rescued from shelters. She enjoys hiking, going to Maine for long weekends, reading and just hanging out with friends.

Patti’s motto: “You are never too old to start some form of exercise. Move it or lose it is really true!”

Amy LeClaire

Group Fitness Instructor

Certified in Zumba®, SilverSneakers FLEX®, and CPR

Amy is a dancer, journalist and educator. She strives to help her members attain confidence in their unique abilities. A former Sally McDermott dancer of Auburn, Amy brings passion and technique to the fitness floor. Also mentored by Les Mills (Combat, Body Pump, Sh’Bam) she strives to balance fitness and dance amid her workouts. Amy is the author of widespread promotional articles, along with the highly acclaimed dog column for her beloved Golden, Lincoln. When not dancing, Amy can most likely be found writing stories, singing (karaoke), or spending time outdoors with her family. Amy’s oldest Zumba member is 89, her youngest 18. Amy longs to salsa until her late eighties and to live the sweet life—La Dolce Vita—while working hard doing what she loves and traveling to Italy every now and then.

Amy’s motto: “Kindness matters.”

Tracy McDonald

Group Fitness Instructor

HIIT, Cardio Boxing, and Strength Conditioning

Tracy has been teaching in the health and fitness industry for 18 years. She is a certified trainer and instructor. She teaches in gyms, colleges, businesses, and schools. She also travels and teaches for resorts all over the world. Tracy believes exercise should be fun, so she strives to make her classes just that…FUN! Tracy also enjoys spending time with her dogs.

Tracy’s motto: “Exercise should be fun.”

Tanya Pierre

Group Fitness Instructor

ISSA CPT, Medical Assistant Certification, CPR/AED

As a mother of two, I understand how hard it is to make time to work out, but it’s so important. It’s also important to get back to exercising with someone who understands exactly what mothers need to keep up with their children, and more importantly stay healthy for them. Fitness has always been a part of my life. I stopped working in the medical field after 12 years in 2017, so I can further my education and become a personal trainer. It was when I did my first show in 2015 a year after having my son, and the amount of women that reached out to me for advice is when I realized I have a huge passion for this. I love helping others achieve their fitness goals! I am excited to say I am in a field that I enjoy working in.

Tanya’s motto: “Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself. TAKE IT and make the most out of it.”

Santa Rodriguez

Group Fitness Instructor

Certified in Zumba®, Zumba® Toning and STRONG by Zumba®

Since Santa was a little girl she’s always had a tremendous passion for dancing; it is one of the ways she releases her stress, but it also brings her creativity to life. She feels we all have a purpose to fulfill in this life and her purpose is to help people feel good about themselves. She lives in worcester, MA and has been a ZIN™ Member since May 2014. She absolutely loves being an instructor because it helps her connect with others’ souls and she thinks that’s beautiful.

Santa’s motto: “Impact others. Impress God.”

Jessica Saliba

Group Fitness Instructor

Certified in Barre, Zumba®, and Hip-Hop dance

Jessica has over 20 years of experience in the dance industry. She started dance training at a young age which eventually led to competitive dancing during her hghschool years. She joined the dance team in college and went on to teach both young children and adults ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop classes. She soon found a love for teaching fitness-based dance classes and currently teaches barre, Zumba and the occasional hip-hop class. She is currently working on becoming a kick boxing instructor.

Jessica is the mom to two amazing little boys and works as a kindergarten teacher during the day. She enjoys staying active and eating tacos in her spare time.

Evangelia Singas

Group Fitness Instructor

B.S. in Sports and Science, Certified in MOSSA Fight, Power, Ride, Active, Core, Les Mills The TRIP, Schwinn Cycling, and CPR

Evangelia has been a fitness instructor for many years, starting in Greece where she grew up and continued on when she moved to the United States. After taking a break to raise her two sons, she is teaching again and enjoying every minute.

From a young age, she was involved in a variety of sports, but track and field was her passion and she competed through college. She currently teaches at a few gyms in the local area. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and going out with her friends.

Melissa Vidal

Group Fitness Instructor

Melissa has been teaching group fitness classes for more than fifteen years. She was a stay-at-home mom of three and found teaching classes was a great way to get her workouts in and meet new people. After all these years, she still loves getting to meet new people and help them reach their fitness goals.