Club Amenities

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club amenities

When it comes to your fitness club, you obviously want to be able to get everything you need in one place. This is what we strive to provide for you at Impact Fitness. Don’t worry about there not being enough equipment for you to use, having to wait in long lines, or not being able to get the proper help you need when you need it. When you join our gym in Auburn, you will be able to get everything you need in one place. Check out all of our amenities below!


Free Weights up to 200 lb Dumbbells

We have the heaviest weight around without a question of a doubt. Where else can you find dumbells up to 200 lbs. Our weight room will bring you back to the good old days of bodybuilding with the technology of tomorrow. Come see why so many travel to just try our gym out you won't be disappointed.


Turf & Athletic Training Area

From Crossfit to Pro Athletic training, you can achieve it all on our new designed turf and functional training area. With over 20 yards of turf and pull sleds you can train like the competitor you want to be.


Rehab/Handicap Accessible equipment

We offer only the best at IMPACT FITNESS and by this we encourage everyone to have the same ability to reach their fitness potential. With our handicap accessible line whether your recovering from a hip, knee, shoulder or in a wheelchair we have the equipment that will give you the best fitness around.


Personal Training

Reach your goals faster with a certified personal trainer who can guide you step by step to maximize your workouts and ensure you reach your fitness goals.


Full Service Locker Rooms

We offer only the finest locker room facility with full service showers, restrooms and changing areas. You'll have plenty of space and privacy here with us.


Fresh Juice Bar

The best time to take your proteins, carbs and fats is right after your workout. At IMPACT FITNESS you will have access to a fresh juice bar that will offer protein smoothies and more.


Impact Pro Shop

Get the hottest gear on the market and represent that club where you get your fitness on at! We will have shirts, hats, pants, bags, bottles and more.


Free Run Style Cardio Deck

Cardio equipment that gives a real free running experience on the body. Workout on a Octane Free Runner and get that outdoor run indoors. With over 40 pieces of cardio you will never wait for a machine.


Comprehensive Circuit Lines

Over 4 full lines of circuit training to apply resistance to the body from many different angles and loads is a great way to get results. With so many to choose from you are bound to find the perfect machine for your body.


12 Hour Child Care Facility

With 12 hours of operational time for child care, the working parent can now fit in their fitness anytime. The stay at home parent no longer has to plan their day around 3 to 4 hours of open time, so choose when you want to workout.


SAD Therapy Lighting

If you feel moody or haven’t been sleeping well, it may be time to see yourself in a new light, literally. Light helps regulate the natural rhythms of our body and mind, and not getting enough or the right kind of light can impact our health in surprising ways.


Energized Atmosphere

With an upbeat atmosphere with music that is personally selected for each room to achieve the best workout possible, you will feel the energy with every step and lift you make. From the excited front desk staff to the motivated cleaner, everyone is happy to be apart of the Impact Fitness Family!


Fitness Birthday Party Eventing

For all ages enjoy and catered fitness themes birthday guaranteed to bring an exciting smile to everyone face with a little bit of a challenge for those who want it!