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About Impact Fitness

Our Mission

Impact Fitness strives to be the pulse of pure wellness & fitness for the Auburn community by empowering residents to lead healthier more fulfilling lives, through health education, access to a quality fitness experience and excellent customer service. With our outstanding, knowledgeable gym staff and experienced trainers you will reach your goals faster and safer with us! Impact Fitness is the leading innovator in fitness with the most advanced fitness equipment in our area. We provide only the finest exercise apparatuses, the most advanced free weight selection, the newest technology in cardio training and friendly attentive service all in our luxurious fitness club. Our goal is to provide a refreshingly positive workout experience and change the way people view health clubs. Our local gym members will enjoy an atmosphere of empowerment and cleanliness in our well maintained facility, while being treated with the utmost respect by our professional staff.

Impact Fitness is a club for everyone!


Impact Fitness is and will continue to be the leader in fitness and will provide an atmosphere that every individual will be capable to train at regardless of their age, gender, and any physical limitations. We will grow into a nationally recognized franchise and change the way people view health clubs and their fitness as a whole.Impact Fitness is a club for everyone!


For years, we traveled and joined multiple clubs, but couldn’t find the one that fit all of our needs. What we kept seeing were fitness clubs that didn’t have enough equipment so we would wait in lines to use the machines or gyms where the variety of equipment was too scarce. To top it off the whole service aspect of the gyms would always feel like an afterthought and as a member, we felt neglected and forgotten about. This is what lead us to create Impact Fitness and bring service back to the gym and remind members how a gym should be. Our ambitions were fueled with solutions to all the faults we saw in many clubs and decided to make a club that made sense and treated it’s members with the utmost respect while delivering the highest quality of service. Here at Impact Fitness, that is exactly what you will find, come see how we are bringing service back to the gym and how a real gym should be!Impact Fitness is a club for everyone!



Open 24 Hours Fully Staffed *check hours for holidays*


Monday–Friday - 8:00am – 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday - 8:00am – 3:00pm