1. Pre-workout Buzz: Stim vs Non-Stim

    Are you confused or overwhelmed by the amount of supplement ads you’re bombarded with online, on television, or within your gym and feel unsure as to which are safe for you and worth adding to your regimen? Multiple times a week I am asked about various supplements and what they do, and if they ar…Read More

  2. August 2021 Newsletter: The Power of Posture

    Sit/Stand Up Straight with Your Shoulders Back “Sit/Stand Up Straight with Your Shoulders Back!” Have you heard that before? Maybe from mom or dad? Or maybe a grade school teacher? Or maybe it was from me. Flex Level Fitness followers and clients know the multiple meanings of this imperative. Fo…Read More

  3. September 2021 Newsletter

      “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you’re right.” How many times have you heard that adage in your life? Ironically, like many of these sayings we often roll our eyes at, this one too holds true time and time again. Over my 20+ years as a coach (sports-specific nutrition, f…Read More