16-week Complete Body Transformation Challenge

Change your life TODAY, by making the right choices to eat healthier, move more and express the positive lifestyle of starting a new wellness program! No gimmick and no tricks; there is no easy way to achieve the goals you want besides hard work and dedication. With the help from Impact Fitness, we can make that journey a little bit easier and fun!

Challenge begins Jan. 27th (get an early start)

Goal: To achieve the most change in one’s Body fat % and weight total with-in a 16 week period

Rules: Must be present during “Check-in Weeks”, which will be weeks 1, 4, 8, 12 and final check in on week 16

Requirements: Membership is not required to participate in this challenge, this is open to all

Optional Benefits: You can sign-up for additional personal training and nutrition to increase your chances of winning the overall prize

Prizes: Top Male & Female will win a bose noise-canceling wireless headphones 700 ($500 Value) + 1-year membership ($525) + Run Everything Labs String Back-pack filled with vendor promotions ($150) and the glory of being Impact Fitness top male & female challenge winners

Entry fee: $150 ($100 if you decide to purchase a personal training package)

Additional Notes: You may enter at any point during this 16-week challenge and your initial check-in will be your start date and you will have to report tot he next check-in to stay qualified.